Snowflake Door hang

_DSC0078This year we had to change up some of our outside decorations.

I wound up placing a wreath on the door coming into our house from the garage. Makes sense it the only door we see everyday!

However the hook on he back looked bad. It was calling out to have something pretty hang from it.

While at the store getting spray paint for another project. I saw these pretty wooden snowflakes and they happen to be in the lane with the holiday bells. I put 2 and 2 together and came up with this quick door hang.

First I measured out approximately how long I wanted it. Then cut the string about 1 ft longer.


I began to string through the snowflakes and knot the bells on.


At the bottom of every snow flack I wrapped the string around twice and slide the string under the wrap.

It makes a knot, not sure what the know is called though.

All while watching the lighting of Rockefeller Centers Tree. Love NY city at Christmas.

I decided to keep the snowflakes  the way they came. could have painted them but they we perfect just they way they were.


Now when ever we walk though the door I hear Christmas bells!!

Plus the door is no longer crying to look like the rest of the house.

Keeping it simple this holiday season.


Happy Crafting


Laundry Room

You know you are almost done with decorating the house when you turn to the Landry room.  I am in this place at least once a day, more like 3, but I don’t want to believe it.

Not long ago we had some painters in to paint the top 2 feet of my 20+ ft ceiling in the entry way. I can only stretch so much on a 8 ft ladder.

Why they were here I asked it they would knock out the walls in the laundry room. No problem!! They even put back my washer and dryer better then the movers did!

Afterwords I knew it was time to get cracken in that room.  Took a few looks at Pinterest to come up with something. I love using others ideas to come up with something brilliant for me!

When I had it all thought out I was up and running! Not that I run, I’m more of a biking kinda girl with a little yoga on the side.


At the craft store I picked up 13 inch letters that spelled out -WASH,  some stick-on butterflies and paint.  I also picked up a roll of jute rope, I was out.

Then dug around in the garage till I came across 2 nails to string it all up.

While watching one of my many shows on Hulu I painted the letters yellow. Just one coat. I used a sponge brush to get a smother finish.

When the letters were dry- out came the sand paper and every letter got a good “ruffing up”  and then a coat of purple on them. I had thought about leaving it with the large sections of purple, but rubbed/wiped it off instead. I think either way would have been nice.


When the letters were drying I went and measured out a space on my Laundry room wall and put 2 nails on either side. The strung the jute and did lose knots on the nail heads.

This created what I call a close line. Not that many people use them anymore so Walmart was the only place to get close pins- that is saying something.


When the letters were dry I used clothing pins to hang them up. The W and H got one on each side. I thought I may have to glue the pins onto the letters, but they seem to be holing very nicely.

The the finishing touches went up. The butterflies. The pack I picked up have about 12 in it. I placed them all around the room in odd number groups. Everything is better when its odd.


I would still like to add some shelves and a table top across the top of my units, plus the utility sink needs a new facet…and that people is how you build a snowman.


Happy Crafting!!



One down 2 more to go! Super easy Glitter frames.

Little Glitter Please

This year my little princess has started taking art classes. Not just some learn to draw with 100 other kids, but real concept and development stuff.  A new Art Studio with super cool people opened about a year ago and offers kids classes. So after waiting a few rounds because class sizes are no more then 8. She got it! Yeah! So for 1 hr a week she is learning about cool things going on in art.


Now I have to think- “What do I do with all these masterpieces”.

They can not all go on the fridge and her strings are full of art friends have given her.


So while walking around the craft store I found these super cool wooden frames. Yep you see the light bulb too. Picked them up, 3 of them because odd is better. Grabbed some pink spray glitter and went to the hardware store and got some paint that matched her curtains. Already had the brushes.

Off to work I went.

First I painted 2 coats of her pink paint that matched her curtains. I could have primed and then painted but really who has the time!plan on green

Second I took the frame outside, pushed a thumb tack into the fence making sure no one could see that spot. Because we all know how messy spray paint can get. Then hung the frame on the tack and sprayed it.

I tried to get a  nice even coat all around. Brought them back inside to dry.


Took a whole 2 hrs for all 3.

Last I hung them using that cool Pinterest trick with those large binder clips and another thumbtack.


She is in Love and better yet enjoys waking up and seeing them in the morning. Plus we can change them easily as she creates more and more. My art trunk is going to be full this year!!


Happy Crafting!!


Organizing my “Extra Pantry”


One of the best features of this new house for us is the storage space. It is every where.  Most of  it I need a ladder for, but it is there!  Most people have a junk draw, we were creating a junk room. What a mess! When every thing stated to calm down and most of the boxes were out of the way it was time to tackle the “backroom”.

middle organiz 1st Everything, and I mean everything was removed into my breakfast nook. Then everything got a wipe down. I love that the prier owners gave us such a deal, but man this house was gross!

2ed This is the fun part, well for me. Organizing like things.  Not only from what was in my breakfast area, but what I wanted to add back into.

I found it easiest to group like items first, then go through a second time and toss.  I also tossed a bunch of stuff that no longer worked or was never used.  Like old broken crayons got re molded, dried up markers- tossed.  Random bits of nasty- toss.  Old coupons, expired food, dead batteries,  you name it.  Divide and conquer!!

This way I had plenty of room for things I like.  Such as my daughters art stuff and tools I use inside the home .

When grouping,  start thinking of what you want to put where.   Keep it simple!! We are short therefor reachable things we want to keep within reach.  Things I don’t use often are up high.  Things you want to see vs things you don’t.  These are the thought that should be going through your mind as you sort.  A  in motion plan I would think.   Like they always say  “look before you leap”.

3ed Putting it all back. Whooo Hoooo!!! Almost done!!!

So thanks to Loews for having those super cute and colorful buckets on clearance for $5.  I took the buckets I purchased and the number of draws and cabinet added them up and started organizing what I had.  I divided crayons, markers, paint, stickers,  glue and so on, into appropriate buckets.  Things that needed larger buckets got them. if my math did not check out or I found yet something else I wanted to add to the back room I adjusted and grouped things with less items together. No sense in wasting space._DSC0003

Food stuff went in the cabinets above the counter top.  Art stuff went in the cabinets  below and tech, tools, and books went in the draws.  My little Princess is now able to remove and clean up in little to no time. I say mission accomplished.

Things I did not want her to have easy accesses to:  ie permit markers and paint are all the way in the back behind the bins. Makes for not only a challenge, but I usually can hear her struggling. That way I have a little more control over the messy things.


As you can see I have tons of space I had no idea I could use.  So what to do… pull in more random things around the house!

Most of the kitchen stuff : Entertaining items that I use occasionally were pulled into this back room, as with extra paper products. Plus all our Beer making items! What! I had a hole floor to ceiling cabinet just begging to be filled!!

I even used the space behind the door for the things that I grab the most. As you can tell lunch bags,  coffee, and tea.

That set up use to be in the old house’s pantry.  It is just an over the door shelve holder I picked up at Walmart a few years back.

For very little money I was able to pull together an amazing storage area by  re using many things and shopping the sales.

Even after about 6month of using the completed section it is still very functional and keeping clean.  We have learned where everything is and are no longer wasting time looking for random items.

If you take the basics of organization, remove the emotional attachment and plan you too can have a functional space that you can enjoy. Now all we need in there is  a beer fridge and fresh painted walls. Well that and blinds/curtains to make it part of the home.

Happy Organizing!! And as always find me on FB and YouTube.

"A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body." ~Ben Franklin