Desk fit for a King

So new house, and an extra 1000 sqft of no furniture or organization.

I could cry at all the things that need to be done, but this house was a steal! So I’ll suck it up and just power through.

So 7 years ago hubby decided to work from home. Yay! It has been really nice having him here while the little one was a baby. But this house gives him an office on the complete opposite of the house tucked away like a hidden room. Yay!!

The before: I know. I know. But it was better then the floor. Also please excuse the poor pic quality. I have no excuse other then pure laziness.

We can now have play dates and be loud and crazy without disrupting him.

However he needed a desk to work from. So after looking at MANY stores and online it came down to me.

This is not my first time at the rodeo. Our old house had a custom desk designed and built by me. Just because I could not find what I wanted for what I wanted to spend. Those things are NOT cheap!!

Off to the local hardware store I go. Plans in hand, and wearing heels too boot!

Loaded the large cart with 3/4 inch craft wood cut to the exact size I wanted. Then to check out and loaded the supplies into the car.

Yes people all in my work heels. I’m a beast like that.

Got home, made my hubby unload it all. My back hurt. ;)

2 desks one for him, one for our oldest. Thats a lot of material. Then I had to take most of it back, my plans needed a lot of tweaking. Whoops, it happens.

Now these desk are so easy to make. Lol once you have what you need. Mainly because you don’t need trim, legs, or braces for stability. Make sure when your at the hardware store you pick up your paint or stain plus the top coat. I had to go back for that. :/

Want to know the secret to a desk fit for a King- mount it to the wall with heavy duty 20inch brackets. Most all of the brackets screw right into the studs so they hold 200+ lbs!!

Table dancing anyone ;)

So desk one of two was installed today. Took a total of 20 min.

All you have to do is:
Find the studs
Mark holes
Pre-drill for 4 inch wood screws
Insert screws though holes in brackets
Place desk on top of level brackets
Secure desk to brackets

Sit back and decide what color you want to paint or stain it.

My idea for this office space it simple. Kona stained desks, gray 2 tone walls, with a pop of color in a few of the little nooks and crannies.

Believe it or not it is the pop of color I’m having a hard time with. ;) Love to do yellow or orange, but alas I will probably stick with green or blue, just a nice and bright shade.

So as you can see the room is not quite done yet, but we are well on our way.

The thing I like most about a custom desk: I can make it any length, width, color or hight. If your super tall or itty bitty you can make it work.

Plus I am pretty sure it took less time to put together then anything store bought. Plus the cost for all things to create a work space “FIt For A King” totaled a measly $190!!!!! I now have money in the budget to put in bookcases and a new light fixture!

Love when things work.

Happy Creating!!

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