Keeping it simple this holiday season

Little holiday Cheer

For years I have decorated for Christmas with sophistication and elegance. It was how I was raised.

Then one year, about 4 years back, I thought I have had enough! I am in my mid 30′s with kids! What am I doing!! So got rid of everything and went with a red, white and silver candy cane/snowflake theme with multi-colored lights.

I have loved it ever since.

Most of our decorations now are made of natural elements, or the kids made them. I love it! Everything can be played with, and if not, it is up high. I kept a few lovely pieces just for the memories or because the  people I love gave them to us.

Last year I made and super sized snowflake. However I am apparently not a great engineer because it keep folded onto itself. Bummer. Took a little while but I did finally got it to stay put. Taking a note- I wanted to make another beautiful super sized glittery snowflake this year to hung above the fireplace.

Only this year  the gears were turning after last years “pin” flop. I picked up a  square canvas and decided to glue the massive snow flake to it. In my mind this would help “keep it up”.


I already had the hot glue, paint, and Popsicle sticks.  So I got to work.

First I pained the canvas a nice Christmas red. I did 2 coats to get a nice coverage, especially since I did not do a prime coat on it. Then I sat on the floor and lade out a snowflake desing i liked. I made it approximately 3x3ft. Even though the canvas is only 2x2ft.


I thought it would be cool for some of it to hang off. Kinda like a little pop art. I did the same thing with our Thanksgiving art work. I will have to write a post about that as well.

After gluing the snowflake together I took it outside to spray paint it silver glitter.

Only that is where I ran into the same problems as last year. My structure was not that sound.

I stuck it up on my back fence and started to spray it. Mind you one of the snow points fell off, and it is about 20 degrees. So, needless to say it did not come out as nice.  I left it on the ground and came inside. It was just to cold.044

I failed at the massive snowflake. Don’t get me wrong this kills me. I am awesome, just not really feeling such an effort today.

Decided to say forget it and go to the massive “snow hill” with my girls and have a little fun in the ice.

We had a blast! My feet are still cold!



Us TX’ens are not made for this stuff, I do not even own a winter coat!!

When I was walking back up to the house- praying I was not going to slip- it hit me.

Keep the canvas and put one of the silver snowflakes you already have in the corner and call it a day.

Regular old KISS, keep it simple stupid. Which was the whole point of getting ride of the sophisticated Christmas decorations years ago.

This holiday season I am going to look at that piece of art work and be okay that  I did not go over board on the presents, cooking, and even the decorating.

Because in the end I had much more fun hanging with my girls then worrying about some silly decoration._DSC0083


Happy Holidays


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