Snowflake Door hang

_DSC0078This year we had to change up some of our outside decorations.

I wound up placing a wreath on the door coming into our house from the garage. Makes sense it the only door we see everyday!

However the hook on he back looked bad. It was calling out to have something pretty hang from it.

While at the store getting spray paint for another project. I saw these pretty wooden snowflakes and they happen to be in the lane with the holiday bells. I put 2 and 2 together and came up with this quick door hang.

First I measured out approximately how long I wanted it. Then cut the string about 1 ft longer.


I began to string through the snowflakes and knot the bells on.


At the bottom of every snow flack I wrapped the string around twice and slide the string under the wrap.

It makes a knot, not sure what the know is called though.

All while watching the lighting of Rockefeller Centers Tree. Love NY city at Christmas.

I decided to keep the snowflakes  the way they came. could have painted them but they we perfect just they way they were.


Now when ever we walk though the door I hear Christmas bells!!

Plus the door is no longer crying to look like the rest of the house.

Keeping it simple this holiday season.


Happy Crafting

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