Transforming A House With Paint: Mantel

We recently moved in to probably the ugliest house ever. It is old, and still had mauve and blue flower wallpaper everywhere. Most sane people wouldn’t have moved in to a house that needed so much work, but hey, it’s what I do.

So in order to live in the house without vomiting - the first thing on the list was paint. Now I don’t mean every wall in the whole house, it started out as a few small things, that made a surprisingly big difference in modernizing our new home.

One small thing you can paint to dramatically modernize your home, is your mantel. If your home was built anytime before the turn of the century, chances are you have a very light colored wood mantel, which, though live-able, is not very modern and classy.


So I started by putting some of the kiddo’s drawing paper underneath it. It saved on tape, and honestly worked a lot better (tape doesn’t stick to brick that well), Then I just primed it and painted it black!


Of course, immediately after painting it, we decorated it for the holidays, but hopefully you can see how much better it looks! So much better that we used it as a backdrop for our Christmas card pic!


For a little extra detail I distressed the edges using sandpaper, because we are going for a “shabby chic” look in the new home ;) That is something really simple you can do to anything wooden you’ve painted. It really adds some dimension and style to something otherwise simple and flat.


If you have any question put it in the comments!

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