Transforming a House With Paint – Stairs

In the previous post about painting, I shared how painting your mantel can dramatically update your home, this time it was our stairs!

Same as the mantel, our wooden stair case was a light color that, though is standard, isn’t as modern as I want our new home to be. So I painted it black!

(If you can see behind all my family on their tech devices, the stairs are light wood)


I think taping was the worst part here, because I had to tape around the top and bottom of every spindel AND around all those corners. A little time consuming, but in the end, I think it paid off… Here are the results of some painters tape and a bucket of black paint.



And just like the mantel, they were so pretty we incorporated the stairs into yet another Christmas card picture ;)


So another small thing you can paint that can have a very dramatic effect. I think the best part is it’s┬ásimilar┬áto the expensive iron spindel look you see in many up-scale homes, but by just painting the wood black, you get an upscale effect – without the cost!

As always, if you have any question, leave it in the comments!

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